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Low Cost Printer/Scanner/MFD

In the spirit of cost effectiveness and productivity efficiency, as well as supporting UNM’s Sustainability values, first consider driving the printing/faxing/scanning, etc. to an available, centrally located Multi-Functional Device (MFD).  MFDs typically have a much lower cost per copy, plus you will not be adding to the department’s space and electronic footprint.

If a MFD is not available, when choosing a device, pay close attention to the cost of the toner/ink for the device and it’s ‘yield’. The ‘yield’ refers to the number of impressions that the toner cartridge should produce.  Please keep in mind, that the ‘yield’ is based on an optimally running device with a conservative amount of toner/ink coverage, usually only text – no graphics, pictures, logos, borders, etc.

Print Management approved vendors offer maintenance plans for purchased devices. Maintenance plans offer both a way to control and track costs, as well as protect your investment.  The agreements cover all toner, consumable supplies related to the operation of the device (not paper), maintenance and service.  Email to request a quote on a maintenance plan.