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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Select ‘Department Billing Statements’ on the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Select the vendor.
  • Select the month/year of the statement.
  • Perform a "Find" function. Hold the CTRL button and hit the "F" key.
  • Type in your PR number in the search field.
  • The statement for your PR will appear.
  • Note: Whether you print or save, remember to select the current page or pages of your statement so you don’t print or save the whole file.

The process for replacing starts with going out for quotes with the 3 currently approved vendors: Pacific Office Automation, Ricoh (formerly Ikon) and Xerox. Email Print Management the specifications of what you are looking for in regards to the machine and its functionality. In the same email, let us know who can be a contact for the vendors (name, phone and email address).

Print Management will then send out an email to the vendors and your department contact, requesting quotes from them. The standard timeframe is 5 business days for them to respond. During that timeframe, they may contact you with questions for additional information to assist them in providing the best quote for your department.

Once the quote due date has passed and/or you have received all the quotes, review the quotes and decide which one you would like to go with. Once your department has made a decision, forward the quote that you wish to go with to advising us of your decision. We will guide you through the next few steps from there to complete the process.