New Print Management Application

Effective with the April Billing, Print Management will eliminate all Purchase Requisitions (PR's) and will utilize the department index already on file to complete monthly billing for copiers, printers, MFDs (multi-functional devices), scanners, and fax machines. The elimination of PR's will streamline the billing process and is consistent with billing practices across all University Services functional areas. Department billing statements and machine information will continue to be posted online on the Print Management Website for your convenience.

About Us

The Print Management program supports the University of New Mexico by offering a continuously competitive program for leasing or purchasing copiers, printers, MFDs (multi- functional devices), scanners and fax machines.

A prominent feature of the program is the availability of a free initial assessment process that evaluates a department's current mix of printers, copiers, scanners, and faxes. The awarded vendors develop a plan to optimize, reduce and streamline the department’s device layout. The resulting proposals offer creative solutions, document cost savings, constraints and avoidance, provide for continuous productivity checks and deliver versatile reporting capabilities. Receiving proposals from three vendors makes the process continuously competitive and offers the best possible options for the department. From the vendors’ proposals, the department has the option to choose one of the proposals in full, in part, or none at all. The awarded vendors are Document Solutions Inc. (DSI), Pacific Office Automation, Ricoh (formerly Ikon), and Xerox Corporation.

The Print Management Quote process allows departments to get competitive quotes on copiers, scanners, MFDs (multi- functional devices), printers, fax machines, etc. when a print management assessment is not deemed necessary or appropriate. It is a simple process for obtaining quotes for a singular need, like the need for one device versus the whole fleet or department.

There is still the same automated auditing process, centralized billing, standard leasing process and customer support, with increased security requirements and overall lower pricing.

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Office Information

Mailing Address:
MSC01 1240
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Phone: (505) 277-0294

Physical Location:
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